Advent evening with joachim andraschke is not cuddly

The eggolsheim local group of the french switzerland association had invited to an advent evening with the title "vom wudenheer und kerzenlicht".

Especially in the advent season, everyone can relate to candlelight, but "wudenheer" remains guessing. The 50 guests in the culture barn were then told: "so, it wudn heer hort man zererschd im jahr in die herbststurm daherbrausn, aber ganz es unwesn drebbds ehm zwischer die heiling nachd. This is a rauschn und brausn in der lufd gween …" Aha, the "wudenheer" is thus something like a raging army, which during the zwolf "holy night" between christmas and dreikonig as a rough hunting party with hundreds of gaping hounds, with "lauder glaaner ungedaufder buudserla" and a one-eyed leader with long coat and "mords drum schlabbhud" red feathered, rushing through the air and scaring people, for example "drom der bilmerdsstauden aufm boggsberch" (drome of the bilmerd shrubs on the boggsberg). This is indeed a flurname and it is not surprising that joachim andraschke, who is mainly known as a researcher of place names, also includes such things in his own texts on the advent and christmas season.

Andraschke performed the six payments so vividly, almost as a one-man show, including short vocal interludes, that the listener was immediately part of the scene. Other stories showed more philosophical-theological reference. This was not a cozy advent evening with joachim andraschke, but he set a high standard for thinking, feeling and asking about the meaning of advent.

Nevertheless, there was always a sense of humor, which was evident from the dialect alone. But the need for romance and nostalgia was met by the respective interlude music on the zither and the guitar, which was sonorously presented by antonia brutting and josef schmitt from weilersbach.