A good work for children

This school year, the students of the 5., 6. And 7. Classes from nudlingen’s schlossberg middle school taught at the freiherr-von lutz middle school in munnerstadt. Only the 9th grade will remain at the nudlingen middle school until the end of the school year in july 2018. Class. The change will have an unfortunate impact on the school pilot service, which is normally provided by the 8. Classes take over.

Teacher katharina budewitz, who had been responsible for training and assigning the guides in cooperation with the traffic police, asked the parents of the haard and nudlingen schools to make themselves available as school route helpers. Finally, the service is about the safe transition in several places.

While four parents soon shared the task in haard, nothing happened in nudlingen at first. Petra eichholz heard about the problem when talking to local acquaintances, and as an active, rustic grandmother, she contacted the school. There, she was gladly and immediately presented with the pilot outfit and a ladle.

Having already performed the service years ago, training was not required again. Since petra eichholz can take over the service for family reasons only on tuesday, thursday and friday, she was pleased if she was supported by further parents.

You can tell she loves doing volunteer service for the kids. "I also got to help the other volunteers get along in the beginning.", she explains.
Petra eichholz has already found that her work from 7 a.M. To 7 p.M. Is a lot of fun.30 o’clock makes a lot of sense. Drivers approach the traffic light at the pharmacy more carefully when there is a guide, she says. And this increases the security for the children. "I have the feeling you are doing a good job". Petra is also active in other voluntary work. For example, she helps out with the nudlingen fire department and, as an enthusiastic participant in the fourteen saints pilgrimage, she is a member of the organizing team.