A donation to the future of weisendorf

It was unusually quiet in the playroom of the kindergarten st. Josef in weisendorf, lego bricks or building blocks clacked and a puzzle was put together. But that changed abruptly when mayor alexander tritthart (CSU) and georg seitz (seitzn schorsch) from reuth came into the room and the children learned what was at stake.

Seitz didn't come empty-handed, the three kindergartens in weisendorf each got 600 euros and there were sublimes on top of that. The leaders andrea uebel (st. Josef), astrid och (evangelischer kindergarten) and kerstin ulrich (kindergarten lebenshilfe) were delighted with the donation.

After all, there are always children's wishes that should be fulfilled if possible. The kindergarten is planning to set up a pull-out room, and tricycles and scooters are on the wish list at gerbersleite. "I think it's good when citizens of our community get involved and don't forget the youngest ones, the mayor was also pleased.

To his 75. For his 50th birthday, georg seitz wished himself good health, many well-wishers and they should not come empty-handed.
The idea for the donation was born five years ago. Seitz and his wife sidonia celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, and they decided: "when we celebrate our 75th wedding anniversary, we're going to have a good time". When we celebrate our birthday, we pass on all our gifts to others." His wife was no longer allowed to celebrate this birthday, she died three years ago.

But for seitz the promise was still valid. He added something on top of the money gifts. "Health cannot be bought for a lot of money", he said. What could be more natural than to give the sum to the future, to the children?. The fact that a lot of things came together is also due to georg seitz's high profile. He was involved in sports, the church, local politics and other honorary positions.