Client Feedback

Design Client Feedback

Please help me serve my future clients better by taking a few minutes to tell me about your experience working with me. Your honesty is most valuable of all. I’m so appreciative of your time and perspective. Thank you!

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Pre Hire

Homework and Pre-Design
Think specifically about the welcome, homework phase, and copywriting phase

I thought the homework was…

Specifically regarding homework and copywriting

Think through the welcome packet, video call, homework, google drive, asana, communication, education, etc.

Website Design and Design Process
Think specifically about the design itself, how the site works, your revisions, your ideal customer’s future reaction to it

Specifically regarding the site design and that part of the process

Insert something I could add/do to this process

any increase in sales, compliments from customers, confidence in pointing people toward your site, etc.

Think through the navigation, the page layouts, the fonts, the colors, timing of things being due, all of it

Training and Final Thoughts
Think specifically about our training call and the last few details once the site was done.

Thank you so much!

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