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I’m Jennifer

I’m here to help get your message clear, and your website looking amazing, so you can grow the business of your dreams and wow your clients in the process!

I work with designers and home pros because I was trained to be one.

In case you wanted to actually get to know me a little better…

▹  I’ve been designing and building for what seems like my entire life in some form or fashion. I used to draw floor plans in elementary school and ended up going to architecture school for a degree in Interior Design.

▹  I’m a wife and Mama to 4 little people, 3 through adoption, and one from my belly. My life is fun and hectic, and I’m trying really hard to make Jesus famous in it all.

▹  I have something sticky on my jeans most days, and dog hair on my floors (always) and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

▹ I love to build furniture. Like with really big power tools, in my own workshop. My husband Nick buys me power tools for my birthday every year, a tradition that started when we were dating.

Let’s see what else… Oh and my last name is Sanjines. It’s pronounced San-HE-ness, it’s Spanish, and funny to hear people try to say it. If you meet me you’ll laugh though, because I’m the least Spanish person y’all would ever meet.


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